Working with Remploy to help service users back to work

Waverley Care has recently become a referring agent for Remploy as part of our work to support service users around employability.

Remploy provides specialist employment support services for groups in society who continue to face barriers to work. This includes disabled people and those with health conditions.

We recently got the opportunity to attend the re-launch of the organisation’s Edinburgh branch to meet the team and learn more about how they can help our service users. As a referring agent, we are able to put people in touch with Remploy for help to prepare for, find and move into a new job.

Our work with Remploy is part of wider employability support we can provide to people living with HIV or Hepatitis C.

Many of the service users we support want to get back into work after a break of many years which can be due to a variety of reasons.  In other cases, we can help people who are newly diagnosed and worried about how this will impact on their employment. Regardless of the circumstances, we are able to help anyone to understand their rights under equalities legislation.

Wherever someone living with HIV is on their employment journey, we can support them– from confidence-building to helping them gain work experience to providing tips on interviewing for a job.

For more information on how we can help, visit our Employability page.