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Scotland's World AIDS Day

For over 30 years, Waverley Care has been the leading charity in Scotland’s fight against HIV. This World AIDS Day, we need your support to keep going…

You might think that World AIDS Day in Scotland is one for the history books, but it’s not.

This global campaign, marked every year on 1 December, offers us the opportunity to keep alive the memory of loved ones lost, while shining a light on Waverley Care's work and the progress Scotland has made as we enter a defining decade for HIV. 

What progress has Scotland made?
So, why should I care about WAD?
How does stigma affect real people?

OK, so how can I help?

Our work is only possible with your support. By making a regular or one-off donation, you can help us to continue being there for people living with HIV, and to work towards a Scotland where new HIV infections are a thing of the past.

You can also help us by raising awareness. The best way for us to shift the conversation away from '80s stereotypes of HIV is to educate people about how HIV has changed. 

Find out more below about HIV testing, treatment and prevention below, and share that information with your friends, families and colleagues. You can also join us at a series of online events where we'll be hearing from people on the frontline of Scotland's HIV response.

Thank you...

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Learn the facts

Think you know about HIV in Scotland in 2020? Read on to find out...

We've pulled together some of the key facts you need to know, and provided links for those who want to find out more.

HIV Basics
How is HIV treated?
How do you test for HIV?
PrEP, U=U and Prevention

Support Waverley Care

Make a regular donation

Join us at an event

We're planning a number of online World AIDS Day events to raise awareness of different aspects of HIV in Scotland and to learn more about Waverley Care's work. Find out more below... 

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