Support for people living with HIV

Our one to one service offers a safe, confidential space where people living with HIV can talk openly about issues affecting their health and wellbeing.

Waverley Care has worked with people living with HIV since 1989

Who can access one to one support?

Waverley Care offers one to one support to anyone who is living with or at risk of HIV in Scotland. Our one to one services are free and confidential, and are available on self-referral.


How can one to one support help me?

For many people, living with HIV now simply means taking daily treatment and attending regular appointments. However, for some, living with HIV provides challenges, whether that is dealing with stigma when telling family, friends or colleagues, navigating a relationship with a partner who isn’t living with HIV, coping with a new diagnosis or feeling confident to speak to your HIV consultant about your health.

If you are living with HIV, Waverley Care can offer one to one support around these issues and others that may be preventing you from living well with HIV.


What does one to one support involve?

Through our one to one support services, you can speak to one of our Health Improvement Coordinators for help and guidance, developing a support plan to best meet your needs.

You can work with them for as long as you need. One to one support can be offered face to face, where you meet with a Health Improvement Coordinator in the community, over the phone or online.

As well as offering emotional support, our Health Improvement Coordinators can offer practical support to attend medical appointments and can signpost you to other organisations that can help with your specific needs.


How often will I have one to one sessions?

How often you meet with a Health Improvement Coordinator will depend on your circumstances. It can be flexible to your needs, varying from one session a week to one session a month.

During your first session, we will discuss what’s important to you and identify the goal that you will work towards. This will help define your support plan and the frequency of sessions.


Looking for one to one support?

You can search for one to one support services in your area by using our service finder.

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