We offer a range of services specifically designed to support women living with or affected by HIV or Hepatitis C. These include dedicated support groups which offer a safe space where you can meet other women in the same situation, share experiences, find and offer encouragement, and talk about what is going on in your life to people who really do understand what it’s like.

If a group is not for you, one-to-one support is available from specialist workers, or in the form of peer support from another woman who has been through some of the things you might be experiencing and come out the other side.

We also offer information and advice around a wide range of reproductive and sexual health issues. These include how to get the most out of your sex life and relationships, having children, coping with pregnancy, advice and support around feeding your baby, and talking to children and partners about your HIV or Hepatitis C status.

Whatever concern or topic you’d like support with –  we have services that can meet your needs and be tailored to you.


Argyll & Bute: Katrina Mitchell, Amanda Scott or Jen Goff
Edinburgh & Lothians: Allison Murphy
Fife: Emer Gutmann
Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Lanarkshire: Mariegold Akomode or Christine Sloan
Highland: Rachel Hughes