Our Complaints Procedure

Waverley Care aims to deliver services that meet your needs. We aim to do this professionally and with high standards. However, occasionally you may feel that we have not done this and you may want to complain.

A complaint can be about any aspect of professional practice or behaviour. It can be about any aspect of a service received and also about a service which you feel you should have received but did not.

We hope that most complaints can be resolved early and informally by encouraging honest and open communication between people, which allows for misunderstandings to be quickly resolved.

Sometimes, however, you might want to make a more formal complaint. The following explains how you can do this.


The Complaints Process
  • Once you submit a complaint online, it will be passed on to the manager of the project (or the manager of the individual concerned).
  • The manager will write to you within 7 working days acknowledging receipt of your complaint.
  • The manager will ask to meet with you and the staff members involved within 20 working days. At this meeting you may bring a friend or representative who is there to support and assist you. Hopefully this meeting will resolve your complaint.

Please note: If your complaint is against the Chief Executive, you should address it to the Chair of the Board.

To submit your complaint online, please fill in the below form.

Complaints form

Please include staff member's name that the complaint is against


The Appeal Process

If you do not feel your complaint has been satisfactorily dealt with during the complaints process you can appeal.

  • Your appeal should be made to the line manager of the person who has originally dealt with your complaint. This person will act as the Complaints Officer. If Waverley Care’s Chief Executive dealt with your complaint, your appeal should be referred to the Board of Trustees.
  • The Complaints Officer will review the appeal and will follow the same process as steps 2 and 3 of the stage 1 complaints process above.

The decision of the Complaints Officer will be Waverley Care’s final decision.


The external complaints process

At any point you can complain to:

Care Inspectorate

Compass House

11 Riverside Drive

Dundee 001 4NY

Tel: 0345 600 9527


Who can help you make your complaint?

If you would like help making your complaint, you can get help or advice from a local advice centre, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, or through an advocacy organisation.