Meet our Communications Officer


In September 2022, we welcomed Evelina Matekonyte to our team as Communications Officer.

In this role, she will play a pivotal role in our upcoming rebrand and the launch of our new website.

We interviewed Evelina to learn more about her, and about what she’ll bring to the role.


Why did you apply to be Communications Officer at Waverley Care?

Having a job that focuses on driving change and improving the health & wellbeing of others has always been important to me. When I saw the position at Waverley Care, I knew I had to go for it – I was in awe of the amazing work Waverley Care does in supporting people living with HIV and working with communities across Scotland to challenge stigma.

I am really excited to work for an organisation that has the same core values as I do. Using my skills and experience to educate the general public about HIV, reduce the isolation of those living with HIV and make sure that the voices of the most marginalised are heard is extremely fulfilling.


What previous experience will you bring to the role?

I have five years’ experience of working with medical communications agencies in London and Glasgow. I started working as a medical writer shortly after completing my degree in Neuroscience. I particularly enjoyed working on projects with high visual impact, which inspired me to learn more about graphic design.

My eagerness was noticed by my colleagues, and I was appointed to work on one of the bigger digital projects in my agency at that time – the development of an electronic patient brochure to increase disease awareness. It was amazing to learn how simple graphics can transform complicated science into everyday language. To this day, I feel like that was the turning point in my career.


What are you most excited to work on?

I am really excited to use different channels of communication to extend our reach and increase public awareness. People living with HIV can often feel socially isolated, so it’s about reaching them so they know about the advice and support available to them.


What hobbies do you have outside of work?

A big chunk of my time outside of work is spent with my dog Daisy – we love going for long walks in country parks around Edinburgh. I also love yoga and Pilates. On weekends, I enjoy hunting for bargains in charity shops and re-designing old clothes to give them a second chance in my closet.


How can you be contacted?

Get in touch with me by email at