Meet our Health Improvement Coordinator for Young People


In July 2022, we welcomed Kasia Pogodzinska to our team as Health Improvement Coordinator for Young People.

In this role, she will provide Relationships and Sexual Health Education (RSHE) to care-experienced young people living in Highland.

We interviewed Kasia to learn more about her, and about what she’ll bring to the role.


Why did you apply to be Health Improvement Coordinator (Young People) at Waverley Care?  

I am passionate about working with children and young people, and believe it is our duty as adults to protect and educate them. I believe that RSHE is crucial to the emotional and physical wellbeing of young people.


What previous experience will you bring to the role? 

For the last four years, I worked as a Program Facilitator for Waverley Care’s project Wave, delivering RSHE workshops to young people in Highland. Before that, I was a care worker in a residential children’s home. On many occasions, I worked with vulnerable young people who required emotional and psychological support. My goal was to create a space where they felt important, loved and cared for, enabling them to address their struggles and emotions.


What are you most excited to work on?  

I am looking forward to creating safe spaces where young people can explore their knowledge of sexual health; free from bias, prejudice, or assumptions. It is important to me to promote diversity, equality and inclusion so that young people can feel confident enough to express themselves and to explore their sexuality and gender identity.


What hobbies do you have outside of work?  

I love travelling, cooking and going to cinema.


How can you be contacted? 
Get in touch with me by email at