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Chinese Health Project comes to Glasgow

Waverley Care will soon start working with Chinese communities in Glasgow to promote improved health and wellbeing for all, after funding was secured from Gilead.

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Our Chinese Health Project will focus on working with local community groups and businesses in the city, both to raise awareness of hepatitis B and to share helpful information to support more people to access local healthcare services. 
The expansion of the project into Glasgow follows our experience of delivering the service in Lanarkshire, which first launched in December 2017.  

The project was developed to address the disproportionate impact of hepatitis B on individuals from Chinese communities, who are up to seven times more likely to be affected by the virus than the general population. 

Glasgow is home to Scotland’s largest Chinese population, with over 10,500 identifying as Chinese in the last census. The move to expand the project into the city is an exciting opportunity to work with members of the community, supporting them to be hep B aware, to access testing and treatment if needed, and to overcome the cultural and language barriers that can make it difficult to access local healthcare services. 

Part of the project’s success in Lanarkshire has been the recruitment of volunteer Community Health Ambassadors. These ambassadors share information about hep B and other common health issues in the Chinese community with local groups, and develop accessible information for the project’s web page. The team recently got together to share their experience of volunteering with Waverley Care in the video below.

Over the coming months, we’ll be looking to recruit a new group of volunteers to help us really engage with communities across Glasgow. You can find out more about the project, and how to get involved at our Chinese Health Project page.  

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