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Fairer rules for blood donation announced

On World Blood Donation Day, the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service has announced new, fairer rules for blood donations in Scotland.

Under the changes, which come into force immediately, blood donation services across the UK will assess all potential donors using the same screening questions, allowing groups that were previously excluded from donating to come forward.

The announcement means that sexuality will no longer be a barrier to gay and bisexual men giving blood should they wish to.

The exclusion of gay and bisexual men was based on an outdated understanding of the risks of blood borne viruses like HIV for gay and bisexual men.

We're delighted that an evidence-based review by health experts concluded that a more inclusive system, allied to improved testing of donated blood, would ensure that the blood supply is as safe as possible.

This is a major step forward, and many gay and bisexual men will welcome the opportunity to contribute to this live saving service. We’ve fought long and hard as a population to be able to give blood when safe to do so.

We appreciate the collaborative and evidence-based approach taken by the SNBTS and you can find out more about the changes here.

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