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Trans day of visibility: what now for our trans research project?

An update from lead researcher Oliver Wain on our research exploring trans and non-binary people's access to sexual health services in Scotland.

It’s been roughly 6 months since the launch of the 'There Needs To Be Care Throughout' research project at the start of October 2020, and a long while since the beginning of the project back in 2019.

None of us could have anticipated launching sexual health research in such a strange circumstance, and last year we delayed our launch date due to the focus of all healthcare services on COVID-19 meaning our research was likely to be lost in the fray.

In light of trans day of visibility 2021, we thought it was time for an update on how things are getting on. We've been speaking to people all over Scotland, and here are some highlights:

  • Since our successful launch event, we’ve been busy sharing the work with various NHS groups such as trans stakeholder networks, Health Improvement Standards, and even the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy conference!Care Throughout - Web Header 1.png
  • We had thoughtful and considerate discussions at a training session with NHS Grampian and during Protected Learning time at Chalmers Centre in Edinburgh.
  • We presented recommendations and findings at Scotland's Fast track Cities Summit to a global audience.
  • We have been meeting various MSPs to share the research and recommendations, helping them better understand the sexual health needs of trans and non-binary people.
  • We have presented to Scottish Lead Clinicians and Scottish Lead Nurses for sexual and reproductive health, and to the Sexual Health and BBV (blood-borne virus) Programme Board.

We have been delighted to hear the message has spread far and wide in the NHS with the report’s good reputation. We are currently securing funding for the future of this research, and are hopeful this could lead to further work and progress for trans and non-binary sexual healthcare.

I could probably recite the whole presentation at this point, and after the departure of our Senior Research Manager, it has been an interesting journey following up to make sure those who can make a difference know about the important outcomes from the project as well as the recommendations made.

Care Throughout - Web Header 2.pngWithin Waverley Care, we have also seen the publication of new trans specific content on our SX website - a project long in development, having collaborated with Scottish Trans Alliance to assure us the information we provide is accurate and sensitive to the needs of all trans folk.

After such a positive launch, it will take time to see how much impact the research will have on future services. While awaiting funding decisions it’s always a difficult time to plan the future ahead. We do know we have set a good foundation for more work to follow, and hopefully, with increased visibility on trans and non-binary sexual health needs, we will see more positive outcomes and work done! 

Read the full report of 'There Needs to be Care Througout' here.

Read a summary report of 'There Needs to be Care Throughout' here.

- Oliver Wain

Oliver Wain is a lead researcher with 'There Needs to be Care Throughout'. For more information, please contact

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