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Research and engagement is a new and innovative part of our work at Waverley Care, building on our 30 years of experience providing support, testing and training in communities across Scotland.

We're primarily funded by the Scottish Government to engage with people who are living with HIV and Hepatitis C, as well as people who are affected by poor sexual health in Scotland. Our research and engagement team is made up of Jennifer Goff (Research and Engagement Manager), Francis Osis (Community Heritage Officer), Collett O'Connor (National Peer Support and Volunteering Lead) and Kirsty Kay (Research Officer). We also include the Fourth 90 Research Participatory Action Research Team, Remote and Rural Participatory Action Research Team and Heritage Community History Peer Research Team.

About our Research and Engagement Work

The evidence gathered by our research and engagement work will be used to smash HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health stigma, while helping Scotland:

  • develop targetted blood borne virus and sexual health services 
  • promote blood borne virus and sexual health testing and support 
  • influence policy work on blood borne viruses and sexual health 

At present, our work is focussed on:

  • engaging with people from African communities in Scotland to identify their sexual health and wellbeing needs
  • engaging with people who inject drugs to identify their sexual health and wellbeing needs 
  • evaluating the work of our HIV Street Support Project
  • exploring the history of HIV and AIDS in Scotland through our community heritage oral history project

Our Research and Engagement Ethos

Our research and engagement ethos is simple:

"Nothing about us without us."

We believe that people with lived experience are in the best position to guide and direct our work. That's why our project uses peer-led research and engagement approaches, rather than more traditional methods such as interviewing and carrying out questionnaires. 

We are committed to conducting research in an ethical way, and you can read about the principles that underpin our approach here.

If you have any questions about our research and engagement work, get in touch with us here.

To get involved in upcoming research and engagement activities, check out our events here.

Downloadable Research

Read and download our latest briefings and research papers here:

Title Description
An Evaluation of HIV Self Test Scotland (November 2020) Report providing an overview and evaluation of the HIV Self Test Scotland Service.
Awareness of U=U Among Health Practitioners Waverley Care Student Research Survey Report
Discursive Disclosures - Sharing HIV status via Networks of Care (November 2019) Research exploring the relationship between the settings of care that people living with HIV encounter, and the anxieties they experience around disclosing their HIV status.
Education Practitioner Perceptions of Including Boys (including trans-boys) in RSHE Waverley Care Student Research Survey Report
Exploring Alcohol Use among Men who have Sex with Men (October 2019) Peer research project exploring the role of alcohol in the lives of gay, bisexual and all men who have sex with men.
Glasgow HIV Outbreak - World AIDS Day Briefing (November 2019) A briefing report providing an overview of the current HIV outbreak in Glasgow affecting people who inject drugs, and action to address it. Produced for World AIDS Day 2019.
HIV Street Support Project - Peer Evaluation Report.pdf An evaluation of our HIV Street Support Project in Glasgow, conducted by a team of peer researchers and facilitated by our Research and Engagement team
It Stresses Me Out (Full Report) - March 2022 This report describes the findings of a research project exploring the sexual health needs of young people living in Highland, funded by NHS Highland Public Health.
Preliminary Report - Exploring the Sexual Health Needs, Including HIV Testing of People from African Communities in Glasgow.pdf A preliminary report exploring the sexual health needs, including HIV testing, of people from African communities in Greater Glasgow and Clyde.
Principles of Ethical Research at Waverley Care This document sets out several overarching principles that underpin Waverley Care's approach to ethical research.
Student Attitudes to Sexual Health Services (December 2019) Research based on interviews with students, exploring their knowledge and experiences of STI testing, and what factors may encourage or prevent their decision to get tested.
There Needs To Be Care Throughout (Executive Summary) (October 2020) Executive summary of research exploring the access of non-binary people, trans men and trans women to sexual health services in Scotland.
There Needs To Be Care Throughout (Full Report) (October 2020) Research report exploring the access of non-binary people, trans men and trans women to sexual health services in Scotland.
Waverley Care’s Milestone Intermediate Care Unit (MICU) Evaluation An evaluation of the Milestone Intermediate Care Unit (MICU) and the benefits of its approach to caring for vulnerable people, carried out in collaboration with members of the Milestone Steering Group.

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