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Our Impact

At Waverley Care, our community engagement and support empowers people to improve their health and wellbeing in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Our work is also helping to create a kinder, fairer Scotland where taking care of your sexual health isa part of everyday life and those affected by HIV and hepatitis C feel able to get tested or treated.  

Impact in 2017/2018


Each year we publish an annual review, where we share the impact of our work on individuals, families, and communities affected by HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health across Scotland. 

Our work focuses on four key areas:

  • Reducing new infections
  • Getting people tested 
  • Providing support
  • Smashing stigma

Reducing New Infections

Our work focuses on communities who are most at risk, giving people the knowledge to protect themselves and prevent onward transmission.

We invest considerable time in building strong relationships, involving people in developing effective solutions and addressing wider health and social inequalities. Our 2017/18 impact highlights for reducing new infections include:

  • Supported calls for a drug consumption room in Glasgow to reduce HIV and hepatitis C infections and re-engage people in recovery services
  • Launched the Voice of Hope initiative, working with African church choirs to promote HIV awareness in communities
  • Expanded our Infant Feeding Project, providing free formula milk to new mums living with HIV

Getting People Tested

There are thousands of people in Scotland living with undiagnosed HIV or hepatitis C. Without a diagnosis, people cannot access effective treatments and are more likely to unknowingly pass their infection on.

Our focus is on reducing the barriers that prevent people from testing, providing services to suit local needs and highlighting the range of alternative options available. Our 2017/18 impact highlights for getting people tested include:

  • Hosted a hepatitis C elimination event for MSPs and health professionals, highlighting our Prison Link Project in Glasgow
  • Launched CheckPoint, a Lothian-based testing service for anyone who wants to know their HIV or hepatitis status
  • Launched our Chinese Health Project, working with people in Lanarkshire to promote awareness and testing for hepatitis B
  • Launched a pilot rapid HIV testing service through our African Health Project, helping increase access to testing for African communities in Scotland

Providing Support

Our focus is on supporting people to live well with HIV or hepatitis C, improving their physical and emotional health and wellbeing. We’re also there to lend a hand with the day-to-day challenges that get in the way of staying healthy, from getting to and from appointments to finding secure accommodation. Our 2017/18 impact highlights for getting people tested include:

  • Provided the 10,000th night of residential support at Milestone, following refurbishment in 2014
  • Organised relaxation workshops for young people, helping them develop skills to cope with the pressure of living with or being affected by HIV or hepatitis C
  • Built on the success of our Prison Link Project in HMP Barlinnie, expanding it to support prisoners living with hepatitis C in HMP Low Moss
  • Launched our national HIV Peer Mentor service, following training from our partners at Positively UK

Smashing Stigma

Stigma and discrimination can leave people living with HIV or hepatitis C socially isolated, and it undermines efforts to reduce new infections by discouraging people from accessing testing. We've been smashing stigma since 1989, through education and training for a wide range of groups, alongside work to tackle related health and social inequalities. Our 2017/18 impact highlights for getting people tested include:

  • Launched phase two of Caring Conversations, our online learning resource for health professionals
  • Engaged with 1,195 young people across Highland to develop Wave, our new sexual health education programme
  • Successfully funded to extend My Voice, a community-based research project working with communities affected by Female Genital Mutilation
  • Successfully funded by the Scottish Government to establish an innovative research and engagement project, focused on engaging with people who are living with HIV and Hepatitis C, as well as people who are affected by poor sexual health in Scotland

If you would like to read our annual review, you can download the full document here.

We are currently developing our 2018/2019 Annual Review, which will soon be available for download here.

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