Play your part in #GetToZero

Helping Scotland #GetToZero HIV Transmissions by 2030

We all have to play our part to end new HIV transmissions. As well as playing your part in challenging stigma, we also need you to help us to #GetToZero.

How can I play my part in #GetToZero?

  • Get tested to know your HIV status. It is quick, pain-free and allows you to take control of your sexual health. You can find out where to access a sexual health test here
  • Learn about PrEP (a pill taken before sex to prevent HIV) to see if it’s an option for you. Take this quick quiz to see if you are eligible for PrEP, and find out where you can access PrEP here.
  • Learn facts about HIV to help #GetToZero HIV stigma
  • Reshare our content on your social media and make sure to include #GetToZero in your posts!

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