Our strategy

We are in the second year of an ambitious strategic plan

In June 2022, we launched our ambitious new Strategic Plan for 2022-2027. With the backdrop of the very real prospect of getting to zero new HIV transmissions by 2030 much of our work is now focused on the part we will play in getting there.

Our strategic priorities

1. Zero new HIV transmissions

We will play our part in Scotland becoming one of the first countries in the world to end new transmissions of HIV. We will continue to advocate for increased access to testing, and we will build on our own outreach testing models to take testing to everyone that needs it. 


2. Eliminate hepatitis C

Through our testing, support and awareness raising work, we will find and support people undiagnosed in Scotland. We will continue to focus our efforts on those communities who need us the most, such as those affected by homelessness, or people living in prison.


3. Provide the best advocacy, support and advice

Waverley Care will be known for being the leading source of reliable and trusted information. We will also continue to use our voice to challenge stigma and discrimination.


4. Put a spotlight on the needs of the most marginalised

We will use our position and influence to amplify the voices of the communities we work with, to ensure that services are designed with them, rather than for them, so that everyone will benefit from the progress made in HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health in Scotland.


5. Effective and transformational fundraising

We will transform our fundraising to ensure we are less reliant on statutory funding, placing us in the strongest position to achieve our priorities, and securing the stability of the organisation through the challenging years ahead.