Our strategy

We are in the second year of an ambitious strategic plan

In June 2022, we launched our ambitious new Strategic Plan for 2022-2027. With the backdrop of the very real prospect of getting to zero new HIV transmissions by 2030 much of our work is now focused on the part we will play in getting there.

Our strategic priorities

1. Zero new HIV transmissions

Through our work, we will play a pivotal role in Scotland realising its ambition to reach zero new HIV transmissions by 2030.


2. Influence local and national policy

By being the leading HIV charity in Scotland, we will use our position and influence to shape local and national policy to fight health inequalities and ensure equal and fair access for all to prevention, treatment and support services.


3. Provide the best advocacy, support and advice

We will continue to provide high quality, non-judgmental and impartial advice and support, ensuring anyone living with or at risk of a BBV can live their best life.


4. Involve people with lived experience

We will involve people with lived experience in all areas of our work to ensure that our services, and policy and engagement work is informed by those we aim to support and represent.