Leave a gift in your Will

Choose to leave a gift in your Will today to support Waverley Care.

Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will to Waverley Care and joining our community of legacy supporters.

Why your legacy to Waverley Care matters

With your help, we’ve achieved incredible things over the past 40 years, supporting people from their diagnosis to receiving life-changing treatments that enable them to lead full and long lives.

However, challenges persist. An estimated 6,600 people live with HIV in Scotland, with around 500 unaware of their status. People living with HIV continue to face social isolation and stigma, affecting their mental wellbeing and overall quality of life. As the population of people living with HIV ages, our services must evolve to meet their changing needs.

Your legacy will allow us to continue our work in HIV prevention and testing, and ensuring that everyone living with HIV has access to treatment and care. Your legacy will also be vital in helping us fight stigma and social isolation through services such as peer support and community outreach, and ensure better sexual health for future generations.

No matter how much your gift is, we promise that you will change lives!

My sister, Alison, wanted to leave Waverley Care a legacy because she was herself HIV positive and received support from you throughout her life from diagnosis. She would be pleased to know that her donation will contribute to such a wonderful goal.

Residuary gift

This is where you set aside a portion of your estate as a gift to Waverley Care. The residue is made up of the remaining estate after funeral expenses, debts and pecuniary gifts in the Will have been paid first. One of the most popular ways to leave a gift in a Will is by leaving a residuary gift. This ensures the value of your intended gift remains, as portions are less likely to be affected by inflation.


Pecuniary gift

This is a fixed sum of money left to Waverley Care. It’s worth bearing in mind that the value of a pecuniary gift is likely to be reduced over time by inflation.


Specific gift

This is when you leave a gift of a specific, named item to Waverley Care. It may be a property or piece of land, a car, jewellery, a work of art, royalties, or anything else you may choose.

How do I leave a gift?

All you need to include a gift in your Will to Waverley Care is our SCIO number and office address:

  • SCIO no: SC036500
  • Office address: Waverley Care Milestone, 113 Oxgangs Road North, Edinburgh.

It’s best to have your solicitor write your Will for you, to ensure you have all the right signatures and requirements in place. We recommend that you consult a solicitor or a professional Will-writer to ensure your wishes are carried out correctly and you’ve included all the requirements.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the gift in your Will, please contact fundraising@waverleycare.org.

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