The Tartan Ribbon

We have been using the tartan ribbon at Waverley Care since 1995 when one of our service users gifted it to us. The ribbon was devised by him as a way of showing support to anyone affected by long-term illness and especially HIV in Scotland and is a variation on the red AIDS ribbon.

Waverley Care was very grateful to be given the opportunity to use the tartan ribbon and since 1995 the ribbon has been at the forefront of our fundraising and awareness raising initiatives. Events, awards and products have even taken on the name, for example The Tartan Ribbon Comedy Benefit has been running at the Pleasance Fringe venue in Edinburgh during August for many years.

Our ribbons are made up by dedicated volunteers who in the course of a year make several thousand ribbons between them. If you’d like to volunteer in this way – please contact the fundraising team on 0131 556 9710.