What we do

We provide advice and support for people living with, or at risk of, HIV and hepatitis

Our services are there to support you at every step – from testing and knowing your status, to accessing treatment and living well with HIV and hepatitis.

Waverley Care has always been there for me, without them I don’t know how I would have coped on my own.

Louise, Waverley Care Service User


Online Information and Advice

Our website offers accurate and up to date information on HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and sexual health. In addition to tailored health and wellbeing advice for communities most affected by HIV and hepatitis C, we also provide a live chat service to provide answers to any questions you may have.

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Support Services

For many people living with HIV and hepatitis today, that simply means taking daily treatment and attending regular appointments. However, for some, living with HIV and hepatitis provides challenges, whether that is dealing with stigma when telling family, friends or colleagues, navigating a relationship with a partner, coping with a new diagnosis or feeling confident enough to speak to a professional about your health.

If you are living with HIV and hepatitis, we can support you to live well from the point of diagnosis onwards. We can offer practical support to access treatment and emotional support to help you live well with HIV and hepatitis.

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Testing and prevention

There are many different ways to maintain good sexual health, prevent the transmission of HIV and STIs and ensure timely access to treatment, such as using condoms and taking PrEP or PEP. We can support you to access the options which work best for you, and offer the opportunity to discuss your sexual health without judgement, fear or stigma.

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Influencing Policy

Our policy, campaigns and influencing work is guided by the Scottish Government’s commitment to reaching zero new HIV transmissions by 2030. We work to influence local and national governments and policymakers to ensure that the voices of people living with HIV are not only heard, but prioritised. Our ambition is for Waverley Care to be at the forefront of shaping sexual health and blood borne virus policy in Scotland.

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Raising Awareness

We work to raise awareness of HIV and hepatitis through our partnerships with other organisations. We focus on engaging with organisations who work with communities across Scotland to ascertain the awareness of and attitudes about HIV in these communities. We also work to tackle HIV and sexual health stigma by providing resources, research and training to professionals.


Community-Based Work

HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C can affect anyone, but some communities in Scotland are more at risk than others. Waverley Care works closely with people from African communities, the Chinese community, and gay, bisexual, and all men who have sex with men to raise awareness about HIV and hepatitis and to increase their access to HIV testing, treatment and care. We also provide free infant formula to new parents living with HIV.

Read more about our work with people from African communities and our Chinese Health Project.