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Our History

Waverley Care was founded in 1989 in Edinburgh, and now provides support to people across Scotland living with, or at risk of, HIV and hepatitis C.

Waverley Care was set up in 1989 to build the UK’s first purpose-built AIDS hospice in response to the growing HIV epidemic in Edinburgh. A site was made available in the grounds of the old City Hospital in the south of the city, and Milestone House opened its doors in January 1991. At this time we talked about providing support from “diagnosis to death” ensuring quality of life, dignity and independence for those who used our services, in addition to providing support for partners and family members.

The advent of new drug treatments in 1996 shifted the focus of our work towards helping people come to terms with living longer with HIV, and  in 1999 our hospice, Milestone, adapted its services to provide respite instead of palliative care. By 2002 we were developing projects aimed at improving people’s health and helping them to make future plans.

In 2003 we changed our constitution to include work with all blood borne viruses in recognition of the increasing support we were providing to people diagnosed with hepatitis C. We also launched our African Health Project in response to the growing levels of people from African communities affected by HIV in Scotland. Two years later, the project expanded to Glasgow and marked the opening of our first office outside of the capital.

2009 saw us expand our work into Lanarkshire, and the launch of our first hepatitis C specific service in Lothian. Our reach went even further in 2010 when we opened our new office in Inverness and began work across Highland, Argyll and Bute. Our expansion continued in 2015 with the launch of a dedicated African Health Project service in Forth Valley and in 2016 with the launch of SX, a Lothian service working to improve the health and wellbeing of gay and bisexual men, and all men who have sex with men.

In 2018, we launched our HIV Street Support Service tackling Glasgow's HIV outbreak and our Chinese Health Project focused on providing hepatitis B support in Lanarkshire. We also developed a new strand of work focused on research and engagement with people affected by blood borne viruses and poor sexual health.

Bringing us to today, we launched our ambitious five-year strategic plan in 2022, including our priorities of zero HIV transmissions by 2030 and the elimination of hepatitic C by 2024. We will achieve these ambitions in the same way we have done since 1989 - adapting our services to the changing needs of communities and individuals affected by HIV, hepatitis C and sexual health. 

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