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Anyone with an open-mind and enthusiasm can volunteer for Waverley Care.

Every day, our amazing volunteers support our work in all sorts of ways, helping make a huge difference to people across Scotland affected by HIV and hepatitis C, and promoting good sexual health.

As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to get involved, volunteering also gives you the chance to gain new skills, get work experience and meet new people.

You can find out lots of information about volunteering in the FAQs section below.

How do I apply?
Who can volunteer?
What volunteering roles are available?
Do you provide training?
How much time do I need to give as a volunteer?
Are there any costs involved?
Will volunteering affect my benefits?
I've got a criminal record. Can I still volunteer?

If you have questions about getting involved in volunteering, get in touch for a chat on 0131 558 1425 or email us at volunteer@waverleycare.org

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